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In viewing the videotapes on this website, the viewer should be aware of the following:

  • In many videos, we have used able-bodied models to respect the privacy of actual wheelchair users. We hope to include more wheelchair users as time goes on.
  • Although we recommend that spotters be used when performing skills that might result in wheelchair tips or falls from the wheelchair, particularly when first learning to perform these skills, spotters are not shown in all of the videos because the models are highly skilled.
  • The illustrated skill methods are merely examples of how the skills may or should not be performed. The techniques that are most appropriate for specific wheelchair users are affected by the characteristics of the wheelchair user, the type of wheelchair used, how the wheelchair is set up, and the environment in which the wheelchair is used. We recommend that wheelchair users seek advice from knowledgeable people to help them decide which skills are appropriate for them and to receive training in how they should be best performed.