Wheelchair Skills Program (WSP) Version 4.2 – WST

The material on this page reflects version 4.2 of the Wheelchair Skills Program. All elements of the program have been combined into a single manual as version 4.3 on a separate manual page.

Wheelchair Skills Test (WST) Manual posted 2013.05.30 (version 4.2.3 PDF)

Objective Wheelchair Skills Test (WST) Forms

  • WST 4.2.2 Manual WC – Wheelchair User (PDF)
  • WST 4.2.2 Manual WC – Caregiver (PDF)
  • WST 4.2.2 Power WC – Wheelchair User (PDF)
  • WST 4.2.2 Power WC – Caregiver (PDF)
  • WST 4.2.2 Scooter – Wheelchair User (PDF)

For an independent overview of the measurement properties of the Wheelchair Skills Test see the overview from the Center for Rehabilitation Outcomes Research at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

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