Wheelchair Skills Program (WSP) 4.2 – Spotters

The material on this page reflects version 4.2 of the Wheelchair Skills Program. All elements of the program have been combined into a single manual as version 4.3 on a separate manual page.

A spotter is a person who acts to reduce the likelihood of injury to another person who is performing an activity in a wheelchair, without unnecessarily interfering with the performance of that activity.

The Spotter Manual is appropriate for spotters, testers and trainers. Spotter skills can also be useful as wheelchair users go about their everyday activities. Friends, family members and caregivers of wheelchair users are therefore encouraged to use the manual.

Spotter training is relevant for both manual and powered wheelchairs, and for wheelchairs operated either by the wheelchair occupants or caregivers. Most of the Manual focuses on manual wheelchairs operated by the wheelchair occupant, but there are descriptions of how these techniques need to be adapted for use when the caregiver is handling the wheelchair and when the wheelchair is powered.

Spotter Manual (PDF)

Spotter_Strap_instructions Nov 14, 2008 (PDF)

Spotter strap order form (PDF)