Videos of Full Wheelchair Skills Tests (WSTs)

Version 5.0 Manual Wheelchair Skills Tests

WST 5.0 manual wheelchair Example 1 report form


WST 5.0 manual wheelchair Example 2 report form



WST 5.0 PWC Example 1 report form


WST 5.0 PWC (scooter) Example 2 report form

Manual Wheelchair Skills Tests – Archives

Report Form – WST_M Example 1

Report Form – WST_M Example 2

Report Form – WST_M Example 3

Report Form – WST_M Example 4

Report Form – WST_M Example 5

Report Form – WST_M Example 6

Report Form – WST_M Example 7

Example 8

Report Form – WST_M Example 8

Example 9

Report Form – WST_M Example 9

Power Wheelchair Skills Tests

Report Form – Example 1

Report Form – Example 2

Report Form – Example 3

Report Form – Example 4

In viewing the videotapes on this website, the viewer should be aware of the following:

  • In these videos, all models are regular wheelchair users who have consented to having their videos published on the web.
  • These videos are mainly examples of how a standard Wheelchair Skills Test (WST) takes place. The wheelchair users are of many different stages and abilities.
  • The way in which all of the skills are performed may or may not be the most efficient or safe way to perform a skill. The techniques that are most appropriate for specific wheelchair users are affected by the characteristics of the wheelchair user, the type of wheelchair used, how the wheelchair is set up, and the environment in which the wheelchair is used. We recommend that wheelchair users seek advice from knowledgeable people to help them decide which skills are appropriate for them and to receive training in how they should best be performed.