Powered Wheelchair Individual Skills

Use the links in the table below to find videos related to the powered wheelchair skill

Skill #Skill Names
1Positions and operates controller
2Operates body positioning options
3Rolls forward short distance
4Rolls backward short distance
5Stops on command
6Turns in place
7Turns while moving forward
8Turns while moving backward
9Maneuvers sideways
10Picks object from floor
11Relieves weight from buttocks
12Performs level transfers
13Gets through hinged door
14Rolls longer distance
15Ascends slight incline
16Descends slight incline
17Ascends steep incline
18Descends steep incline
19Rolls across side-slope
20Rolls on soft surface
21Gets over obstacle
22Gets over gap
23Ascends low curb
24Descends low curb
25Performs wheelchair-ground transfers