Manual wheelchair
Powered wheelchair with rear-wheel-drive.
Example of augmented feedback, using a mirror to view caster position relative to a gap in the floor.
Spotter strap.
Spotter strap with the large loop around the cross-brace of a folding wheelchair.
Spotter strap attached to the camber tube of a rigid-frame wheelchair.
Spotter correctly positioned behind a wheelchair.
Spotter catching wheelchair after a rear tip.
Spotter spotting the wheelie skill from in front of the wheelchair.
Controller in normal operating position.
Controller in moved-away position.
Switch for turning the power on for a scooter.
Powered wheelchair user using his thumb to switch the speed setting.
Scooter user switching modes.
Scooter user using dial to adjust speed setting.
Lever allowing one of the motors of a powered wheelchair to be disengaged.
Caregiver pushing a powered wheelchair with the motors disengaged.
Lever allowing the motor of a scooter to be disengaged.
Algorithm for scoring the WST and WST-Q.