Videos of Games for Wheelchair Users


Description and Links

Stormy Seas A game similar to tag, in which the participants attempt to cross a room without being tagged. One player is designated as the tagger, or the “fisherman”, while the remainder of the players are divided into three categories of fish. When the fisherman calls out one type of fish, all of those players must try to get across the room without being tagged. If the fisherman calls “stormy seas”, all three types of fish must try to cross at the same time. More details are narrated in the video.

Mr. Wolf In this game, players are directed by “Mr. Wolf” to push a certain amount of strokes in an attempt to cross where Mr. Wolf is sitting. If Mr. Wolf calls “dinner time” or “lunch time”, the remaining players must wheel back to their original spots without being tagged. The exact details are narrated in the video.

Shuttle Run A timed obstacle course featuring many skills from the Wheelchair Skills Training Program (WSTP). The exact details for this specific course are narrated in the video, however it can be changed to include various other skills.

Indoor Orienteering A scavenger hunt around the inside of a wheelchair accessible building. Landmarks are determined ahead of time, and participants must travel to find them.

Outdoor Orienteering A scavenger hunt outdoors in a wheelchair accessible environment. Landmarks are determined ahead of time, and participants must travel to find them.

Ball Chaos A game similar to dodgeball, in which two teams attempt to hit the opposing team’s players or pylons with beach balls using badminton racquets. If a player is hit, they must exit the playing surface and perform a certain skill from the WSTP before they re-enter the game. More details are narrated in the video.

Jousting An individual game in which one can improve the precision of their wheelchair movements. The player tries to strike a ball off the top of a pylon in a jousting motion. Variations and other adaptations are shown in the video.

Borden Ball A team game, where each team’s goal is to knock over the opposing team’s pin with a ball. The pin is protected by the pin guardian, and each player can only use two wheel pushes before they must pass the ball. Exact details are narrated in the video.

Freeze Ball A team game similar to handball, where teams attempt to knock over the opposing team’s pylon with a ball. The rules are similar to those of Borden Ball, however the tempo of this game corresponds to the tempo of the background music being played. If the music is paused, all players must freeze or one point will be removed from their team’s score. More details are narrated in the video.

In viewing the videotapes on this website, the viewer should be aware of the following:

  • These games are designed to allow wheelchair users to apply their learned skills into an entertaining setting.
  • In many videos, we have used able-bodied models to respect the privacy of actual wheelchair users. We hope to include more wheelchair users as time goes on.
  • Please exercise caution when attempting to set up and play the following games. The safety of the equipment and venue used should be examined prior to playing.
  • Although we recommend that spotters be used when performing skills that might result in wheelchair tips or falls from the wheelchair, particularly when first learning to perform these skills, spotters are not shown in all of the videos because the models are highly skilled.