Other Tests

Wheelchair Propulsion Test (WPT)

The WPT is a simple and inexpensive test with good measurement properties that can be used to assess the propulsion technique of people who use hand and/or foot propulsion.The WPT is intended to complement existing measures of wheelchair propulsion such as the Wheelchair Skills Test. A form and sample video-recordings are provided below. The learning steps that we recommend prior to using the WPT on an actual wheelchair user for clinical or research purposes are:

  1. Familiarize yourself with pages 1 and 2 of the WPT Form.
  2. Watch each example video and look at the WPT Form for that video.
  3. Use a blank WPT form to administer the WPT 2-3 times to an able-bodied person simulating a wheelchair user.


Wheelchair Propulsion Test (WPT) form, posted 2012.12.05 (pdf)

Video-recordings and completed WPT report forms links below:

Two-hand propulsion – WPT report form (pdf)

One foot propulsion (hemiplegia pattern) – WPT report form (pdf)

Hemiplegic propulsion – WPT report form (pdf)

Original WPT Paper (pdf)




Self Efficacy on Assessing Training and Spotting (SEATS)

The SEATS is a self-report measure of clinicians’ self-efficacy to assess, train and spot each of the 33 wheelchair skills on the Wheelchair Skills Test, version 5.0. The measure also asks clinicians to rate their self-efficacy for documentation of the wheelchair skills assessment results, goals, treatment plan, progress and discharge. Separate scores are calculated for assessment, training, spotting and documentation with higher scores representing higher self-efficacy.

SEATS form, Version 3 Aug. 24, 2021(pdf)

For additional information contact Dr. Paula Rushton paula.rushton@umontreal.ca

Original SEATS Paper (pdf)