Other Tests

Wheelchair Propulsion Test (WPT)

The WPT is a simple and inexpensive test with good measurement properties that can be used to assess the propulsion technique of people who use hand and/or foot propulsion.The WPT is intended to complement existing measures of wheelchair propulsion such as the Wheelchair Skills Test. A form and sample video-recordings are provided below. The learning steps that we recommend prior to using the WPT on an actual wheelchair user for clinical or research purposes are:

  1. Familiarize yourself with pages 1 and 2 of the WPT Form.
  2. Watch each example video and look at the WPT Form for that video.
  3. Use a blank WPT form to administer the WPT 2-3 times to an able-bodied person simulating a wheelchair user.

Wheelchair Propulsion Test (WPT) form, posted 2012.12.05 (pdf)

Video-recordings and completed WPT report forms links below:

Two-hand propulsion – WPT report form (pdf) 

One foot propulsion (hemiplegia pattern) – WPT report form  (pdf)

Hemiplegic propulsion – WPT report form (pdf)