Spotter Strap

Spotter Strap Instructions


For more information on purchasing a spotter strap please contact:

Robert Giles
Brackish Bracing
204-10 Webster St.
Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 1H7
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 4K4

Tel (902) 365-7766
Fax (902) 365-7767

For Canadian orders, spotter straps can be purchased from the website at

All non-Canadian orders should contact Brackish Bracing directly.

Obstacle Course Guidelines

The assessment and training protocols of the Wheelchair Skills Program do not require a formal obstacle course that meets detailed  specifications. The obstacles needed can usually be found in the natural and built environments almost anywhere. However, suggested specifications for the skills included in the objective Wheelchair Skills Test can be found in Chapter 5 of the Wheelchair Skills Program Manual, specifically in the Equipment sections for individual skills.