Conditions of Use for Wheelchair Skills Program (WSP) Material

There is no need to seek permission for the use of the Wheelchair Skills Program materials posted on our website. However, in using these materials, the user agrees to the following conditions of use:

  • All materials are copyright protected.
  • The terms “Wheelchair Skills Program”, “Wheelchair Skills Test”, “Wheelchair Skills Test – Questionnaire Version” and “Wheelchair Skills Training Program” are copyright, as are their acronyms (i.e. “WSP”, “WST”, “WST-Q” and “WSTP”).
  • Alternative or derivative use of these materials may only be carried out with the permission of the WSP developers.
  • In written material arising from the use of the WSP materials, the user agrees to acknowledge the source.
  • For any modified version of the WSP materials (e.g. for a research project), the original version must be cited and the modifications must be explicitly described.
  • The software, documentation and other materials associated with WSP materials are licensed, not sold or given, to the user for uses only under the terms of the license.
  • The user must not copy, decompile, reverse engineer, modify or create derivative works of any associated software.
  • This license allows the user to use a copy of the materials for his/her personal use.
  • This license does not allow the user to place this material on a website, to sell it or to charge a fee for its use without written permission.
  • The user must not rent, lease, lend or sub-license the materials without written permission.
  • The user must use these materials in accordance with the ethical and integrity standards in their jurisdictions.
  • Where a conflict arises between private and public interests, the user is expected to take the necessary measures to ensure that the public interest is protected.
  • The user is subject to applicable law relating to privacy. All collected documentation and information must be maintained in strict confidence. It must be used only for the purpose for which it was originally collected. Any stored WSP data must be stored in a secure manner to prevent unauthorized access. It must be transmitted using secure techniques and when it is no longer required, it must be destroyed in a secure manner.
  • If the WSP material is used for research purposes, the research must have been approved by a Research Ethics Board or Institutional Review Board in the user’s jurisdiction.
  • The user’s rights, under this license, will terminate automatically without notice, if he or she fails to comply with any of the terms of this license.
  • The developers of the WSP materials assume no liability for any personal injury or consequential damages resulting from the use of these materials.
  • Any translation of this license or materials, not provided by the developers, is the responsibility of local users. In the event of a dispute, the English version of this license shall govern.
  • The license is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada.